Savery Pond Water Quality Restoration

Savery Pond provides key ecological functions and plays a significant role in the ecology of the Ellisville Watershed. The Savery Pond Conservancy (SPC) is a non-profit organization working towards fulfilling the following activities:

1.      Restore, preserve and maintain the Savery Pond ecosystem;

2.      Organize volunteer and consulting support for monitoring, scientific research studies, and restoration activities;

3.      Undertake fundraising for the benefit of the Savery Pond ecosystem;

4.      Coordinate communication and joint activities between the Savery Pond Conservancy Inc., academic researchers, municipal governments and/or other non-profits towards restoring, preserving and maintaining the Savery Pond ecosystem;                                                        

5.      Support other non-profits with similar missions by sharing information, expertise and monitoring equipment; and,

6.      Educate and inform interested parties about the unique characteristics and requirements for sustainability of the Savery Pond ecosystem.

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Peter Schwartzman


Town of Plymouth