Ellisville Marsh Inlet Maintenance Project


The Friends of Ellisville Marsh and its project partners have since 2007 been pursuing a project to restore and maintain tidal flows at the 70-acre Ellisville salt marsh to revitalize fisheries and wildlife. The project has been remarkably successful. The Friends acquired all the necessary local, state, and federal permits to maintain the salt marsh inlet on a continuing basis and periodically reopened it after major storms. A treasure trove of scientific monitoring data has been collected. A model for protecting nesting areas of threatened shorebirds created. A new species of insect discovered. A second nonprofit spun off. This project is chronicled in a book entitled, Rescuing Ellisville Marsh: the Long Fight to Restore Lost Connections (UMass Press, 2023).

Project partners:

  • Friends of Ellisville Marsh
  • Wildlands Trust
  • Mass Audubon Coastal Waterbird Program
  • Town of Plymouth
  • Salicicola.Com
  • Savery Pond Conservancy


Eric Cody. Rescuing Ellisville Marsh: the Long Fight to Restore Lost Connections, University of Massachusetts Press / Bright Leaf, Amherst, MA, January 2023.


Eric Cody