Hike & Learn: Aquifer Adventures

This project features hikes designed by Malcolm MacGregor and others that highlight the interaction between the topography of Plymouth and the sole-source Plymouth Carver Aquifer. Hikes are mapped and annotated showing segmentation, distance, and difficulty.  Hikes will be lead by various guides. For more information including dates, meet-up place, time, please visit Wildlands Trust Events. Information about the Hike on April 2 can be found here.

Recent Updates

Walks by Malcolm

By Glorianna Davenport on May 29, 2023
Malcolm Macgregor's powerpoint, Plymouth Aquifer Hiking, outlines several hikes that you can take to explore how the topography of Plymouth relates to three of Plymouth's watersheds: Eel River Watershed, Beaver Dam Brook Watershed, and Agawam River Watershed.


Malcolm MacGregor
Frank Mand
Sharl Heller